Institute of Energy, Environment & Climate Change

Hellenic Mediterranean University


The Institute of Energy, Environment & Climate Change aims to promote RES applications at national and international level, for science, research, innovation as well as economic development for benefit society. Its target is the reduction of the environmental burden in the production/use of energy, with the support of all kinds of activities (technological, research) in the above sectors.
The Institute generally focuses on the following areas:
• Modeling of non-interconnected electricity grids with increased RES penetration.
• Integration study of hybrid power plants into non-interconnected power grids, in order to achieve the highest RES penetration.
• Integration study related to the various storage systems in non-interconnected electricity grids, in order to limit the negative unpredictable consequences of RES, as well as the discrepancy between demand and production.
• Optimization of non-interconnected electricity networks, in order to achieve reduction of network losses, reduction of the operating costs of production units, reduction carbon dioxide emissions, enhancement the stability of the network, etc.
• Energy saving in non-interconnected networks through methods such as demand side management, conversion of electrical installations to AC/DC hybrids, etc.
• Research in new effective short-circuit protection methods of non-interconnected networks with increased RES penetration.
• Embedding of EVs into the grid.
• Optimization of electricity systems with increased RES penetration and energy storage.
• Reliability and resilience analysis of electricity systems.
• Energy saving in buildings.
• Modeling and optimization of smart grids.
• Advanced solar and wind potential reflection methods